Rehydrated pea protein, water, rapeseed oil, vegetable fat (coco, shea), natural colourextract (sweet potato, red beet, apple), citrusfiber, salt, cracked blackpepper, onion, sugar, thickener (methylcellulose),cornstarch, lemonjuice concentrate, preservative (sodium acetate, potassium sorbate), aromas, iron, riboflavin, vitamin B12. Peaprotein (from EU).

Enriched with iron, B2 and B12

Järn 4,22 mg (30 % RDI)

Riboflavin B2 0,25 mg (18 % RDI)

Vitamin B12 1,6 µg (64 % RDI)

Nutritional values*

energy 995/238kJ/kcal
fat 17,2g
saturated fat 3,0g
carbohydrates 5,6g
sugars 1,4g
nutritional fiber 4,7g
protein 15,4g
salt 1,2g

* Per 100g