We are Peas Of Heaven!

We’re on a mission to make it easier for everyone to eat plant-based. That’s why our goal is to make super tasty vegan alternatives to all your favorite foods. Just swap your regular meat for our plant-based meat made from peas, and voilá: you’ve instantly reduced your carbon footprint!

The easiest way to help save the planet:

Eat more burgers!

We love meat. Just like most people do. But we can’t continue to eat the way we do if we want to save the planet. We have to cut our carbon footprint and make sure to preserve water supplies. For ourselves and for future generations. But here’s the good news: we’re making it easier than ever to go from meat to plant-based meat. Start by switching just one of your favorite foods for our plant-based version. And then take it from there. May we suggest our delicious Burger of Heaven or maybe our crispy Chic Burger?
We promise you’ll love them.

Our Story

Peas of heaven was born out of a 100 year old family business, focused on deli meats and charcuteries. But when the two sons of the family took over the business, they realized we all have to change our ways if we want to save the planet. They also realized most people still love meat. And so they took everything they knew about what makes meat taste great and decided to make the best-tasting plant-based products our there.