Genuine food. For all. 

Same, same but different. Try granny’s old stew recipe or figure out how to cook a vegan carpaccio with fried crumble and sauce on top. You are the one deciding how advanced you want your cooking to be. These are products that all can eat, these are products that all can cook.

No big deal

The secret of producing sausages that taste just like sausage, is to produce them in the same way that people have produced sausages in hundreds of years. Smoked with alder splints and all. However, without meat and other animalities, of course. Well, that’s how we do it at least.

100% Plant-based

As our name may expose, most of our products are based on pea protein. The rest of the ingredients are taken from the plant kingdom too and we are genuinely happy about the taste and textures that we have developed.

Food that all can cook

Cooking plant-based is a no big deal. Regardless of what day it it, if you are a master chef or not or if you have loads or time or a minimum of time – We got you! Our products fits for every occasion, are easy to cook and can even be applied in your traditional recipes.


Our journey began several years ago, when we decided to travel the world with one mission: to create today’s market’s best meat substitutes. Today, we deliver our high-quality products from just outside of Gothenburg, Sweden. It’s our goal to reach everyone who’s curious about plant-based food, regardless of whether it’s a one-day choice or a lifestyle.

Our products

More mince, burgers, cheese, cold cuts and sausages to the people! The more plant-based food there is to choose among, and the better their taste and textures are, the easier it becomes for people to eat less meat. Thereof, we are constantly working on new and innovative ways to develop our assortment.